It’s time your digital reputation works as hard as you do.

Get all your reviews
in one place

Build your digital footprint and create a holistic view of your work.

Put your great
reputation to work

Complete suite of digital marketing tools to showcase your hard-earned reviews and win referral business.

Your reviews should reflect
the entire team

Pull everyone's reviews together to tell a more complete story.

A Complete View of You

RateMyAgent can easily integrate all of your reviews in one place, and we can help you tie them directly to the transaction for extra credibility. Not only will you have a comprehensive view of your work, this gives you a powerful SEO boost.

Our system automatically pull reviews from these platforms:

  • Zillow
  • RealSatisfied

Verify existing reviews:

  • Got reviews already? Upload them and verify them with the transaction

A Complete Digital Marketing Solution

RateMyAgent makes it easier than ever to create valuable content that highlights your business. You’ve earned great reviews, so put this verified feedback to work.

Promoter: highly targeted 3-click digital advertising leveraging both the Facebook, Instagram and Google Ad networks, to get your reviews in front of potential clients.

GoogleMyBusiness: integrate with Google to improve SEO and make it simple for clients to turn RateMyAgent reviews into Google Reviews.

Listing Report: rich, data-driven property reporting that ties relevant reviews and comparable sales to the address. Wow your client by sharing who and what you know about the area.

Social Media Manager: automatically share reviews, listings and sales with your business account followers.

Website Review Widget: flow new positive reviews directly to your domain to keep page content fresh and up to date.

Free Market Report: prospects can download a report that showcases comparable sales, reviews, rankings and statistics - tailored to their address.

Video Testimonials: bring your reviews to life and upload client video reviews to the transaction.

Sold-selfies: add personal context and that human touch to your profile with pictures of happy clients to demonstrate your brand and personality.

A Complete Team View

RateMyAgent understands the challenges of teams and brokerages when it comes to telling your story. Our team/office solution displays everyone’s reviews in one place.

  • Your team is better together and so is the power of pulling your entire team’s reviews together.
  • Finally, a chance to acknowledge every member of the team for their excellence.
  • Tell a more complete story of what it's like to work with you.
  • Extend digital marketing dollars by creating one strong voice.

*25% off promo does not apply to Teams/Offices and Enterprise subscriptions.

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