Real reviews that help you choose.

Real reviews that help you choose.

Valerie & Norman, Port Lincoln, SA

“A resource that we can totally rely on.”

Valerie & Norman chose Shane Spiteri to sell their home. Read their RateMyAgent review here.

Tell us about the property you were selling.

It was a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom investment property in Melbourne’s outer west. We live in regional South Australia, and owned the Melbourne investment property for 10 years. We were reaching a time in life when we wanted to clear our debt, and not have to worry about the burden of property maintenance.

How did you feel about the process of selling?

We were very motivated to sell the investment property, but not being from Melbourne, we didn’t know who the good agents in the area were. The managing agent put it on the market, but nothing happened. We really wanted to get things moving.

Why did you use RateMyAgent?

I can't remember exactly how I came across RateMyAgent. Somewhere along the line I must have read or heard about a website where you could find the best agents in a particular area.

To start with, I was absolutely suspicious of RateMyAgent. I thought they might be trying to wheedle information out of me to use for their own advantage. But I had a look at the website, and could see no harm in submitting an enquiry. I only gave them the minimum amount of information – my first name and a phone number.

Someone rang me back almost straight away. She was gentle, affirming, and explained how the website worked. She did a really good job. This helped me gain confidence that RateMyAgent was legitimate, and boosted my confidence in using the website.

How did RateMyAgent help you?

RateMyAgent gave me the details of the top three agents in the area where we wanted to sell the investment property. I contacted each of them and read the reviews on RateMyAgent. I had nothing to lose; it wasn’t going to cost me anything.

By this stage, I thought that RateMyAgent looked very honest and upfront, and was quite easy to use. Reading the reviews of the top three agents in the area also increased my confidence in RateMyAgent as a useful way to find out which agents are doing well in any given area.

We chose Shane Spiteri from YPA Estate Agents Melton. We were really happy with his level of service. He was briliant. Everything moved quickly because he was so on-the-ball.

Would you recommend RateMyAgent, and why?

I recommend using RateMyAgent to anybody! It gave us confidence that we could find the best agents in an area far away from where we lived.

We have another investment property in our hometown. If and when we decide to sell it, we will definitely go back to RateMyAgent to look for the top agents in the area and read the reviews. It will be great to have a resource that we can totally rely on.

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