Real reviews that help you choose.

Real reviews that help you choose.

Jenny, Beacon Hill, NSW

“Anyone could have sold in Sydney three years ago, but it’s a totally
different market now.”

Jenny chose Eddy Piddington to sell their home. Read her RateMyAgent review here.

Tell us about the property you were selling.

My brother and I decided to place our mother in aged care. It was stressful in some ways, but it was the
right thing for her and she’s very happy now. Once she’d settled in, we had to sell her northern Sydney home; the one we grew up in.

How did you feel about the process of selling?

We had a bit of drama getting the house ready. Our mother was a hoarder, so we had to get everything out and make the house presentable. It was a massive job.

To add to the challenge, the Sydney market was softening, and I knew we would have to be realistic about price expectations. Based on my past experiences with selling properties, there were two things I wanted from an agent.

I wanted to know that they were really ‘on our side’; that they would work hard for us in a falling market. I know that sounds strange, seeing that we pay for their services – yet during past sales I often had the feeling that the agent was on our side before we engaged them but not afterwards.

I also wanted an agent who would follow through all the way along the line – someone who would keep me updated, so that I could let my brother know what was happening.

Why did you use RateMyAgent?

I told someone that my brother and I needed to sell the property as soon as possible and we wanted an agent who would work hard for us in a falling market. They suggested that I have a look at RateMyAgent.

How did RateMyAgent help you?

I already had three agents in mind, but it was great to be able to check them out on an objective website and see what other people had to say about them.

Initially, I was inclined to go with an agent I’d dealt with 10 years earlier. However, after reading more reviews on RateMyAgent, I changed my mind and engaged Eddy Piddington of Stone Real Estate Manly.

Eddy was very forthright, and I really warmed to him. He got me the very last dollar that he could in a falling market. I couldn’t have been happier.

Would you recommend RateMyAgent, and why?

Yes. All the information you need is on the website, and you can search at your leisure. You can read reviews to find out who provides the best service (like ringing you instead of your having to ring them), and check out recent sales to find out how various agents are faring in the current market climate.

Anyone could have sold in Sydney three years ago, but it’s a totally different market now, and RateMyAgent helped me get a feel for the best person to go with.

I wish RateMyAgent had been around the last time I sold a property!

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